Let’s cut the BS. A lead that isn’t in your CRM system is on the verge of getting lost. Dramatic? Maybe but Post-it notes with a name and number, an email in your inbox, or a notification on your property portal are all one desk clean or click away from falling through the gaps. Simply put, New Home sales are competitive, and you and your business cannot afford to lose even one lead by mistake or slow response.

Every Property Developer we speak to tells us how important an instant follow up is to their bottom line because people want immediacy, not intimacy – it’s the difference between a reservation or a ‘no thanks’. And equally important is a centralised CRM system where all of these leads arrive and live—complete transparency from enquiry to completion.

The Property Developers we talk to get their leads from many sources: Zoopla, Rightmove, newhomesforsale.co.uk, other property portals, Development micro-sites, Marketing Suite walk-ins, and calls!

The list is endless, but the challenge is clear, it’s making sure all leads and sources feed into the same system, so nothing falls through the gaps, and your team get transparency and follow-up actions.

Grapple with your desk, your team and every email in your inbox, or use pdCRM, we’ll take care of the rest.

Each lead source portal has its method of sharing lead data with you. Sometimes it’s an email, other times it’s a notification – the range is broad, and the outcome is messy. You could do this manually, but there is a far better usage of time for a problem that a robust CRM can solve with minimal effort or expense.

What’s needed is a plug-and-play solution to collecting and owning your hard-earned leads. This is where we introduce our friend the ‘API’ -you’ll have heard this acronym before, we’re sure. It’s a unified language and method of giving instructions for sending and receiving secure data in software. In this case, it’s the tool used to collect this data together to put into your CRM.

Not all software is created equally, but pdCRM, Property Developer CRM, is built entirely using an API. Why is that important? Because pdCRM connects with every UK property portal and website out-of-the-box. It’s a CRM and Marketing Platform that makes reservations and sales progression simple and transparent. Leads arrive milliseconds after they are submitted, meaning your team can jump straight on these hot leads to start a successful sales process.

We’re not the only solution that connects with property portals, but we are the best system and the only one that allows you to sell directly from your development site map.

We’re partnered with some of the UK’s most trusted and well-known property developers and housebuilders to help them achieve their optimal business operations and sales growth goals. Find out how pdCRM could help you.