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pdCRM has been built on SalesSeek and is the engine behind pdCRM’s homebuilder focused CRM and Marketing capabilities

SalesSeek is a modern API driven platform for all front office staff – Sales, Marketing, Support and Implementation. Easily configurable and extensible, SalesSeek has been used as the basis for industry-specific solutions in Finance, Hospitality, and Consulting for over 8 years

SalesSeek has worked extensively building custom solutions for the UK property and US real estate sectors; pdCRM is an extension of that, narrowed into a single platform with strategic partners Yourkeys.

Integrated with the UK’s largest property platforms Zoopla and Rightmove, pdCRM is a dedicated response to the solutions that currently exist for the UK property CRM and Marketing industries

Case Study

Powering the US real estate market

pdCRM and SalesSeek have helped US partners build a solution to drive mortgage and property revenue, here are some stats:


US Property Loans Processed


Property Lead Portal Integrations


Emails + SMSs sent each month


System Users

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