Preaching to the choir: buying or selling a house means there will be data, or in your case, an entire development means a lot of data and data tracking.

Though we’re not here to talk about GDPR, it’s worth noting that a record number of businesses digitised their data sets in 2018 in the expectance of GDPR guidelines.

What’s more interesting is that many of the implemented CRM systems barely made it beyond their initial rollout, with usability and user adoption being the main culprits. In the New Build sector, the systems were not designed well enough for New Build needs.

Moving forward, the pandemic highlighted how many businesses did not see mission-critical value in their CRM system or the data stored within, meaning CRMs often became the first business software casualty.

Savvy businesses realised that their CRM was as important as their accounting software. Their CRM was the central point of data in their IT setups – a single source of truth if you will and therefore invested time and money into getting it right.

So, what does this mean for Property Developers? How can marketing teams and sales agents still effectively work with data, tracking, and CRMs in 2022?

Despite most people returning to work in offices around the country, many businesses have implemented ‘WFH’ policies giving flexibility to how their staff work. This flexibility demands a solid IT infrastructure, especially for sales and marketing teams. Without it, sales and marketing operations become inefficient but more likely come to a halt altogether.

How can your business be efficient if your data is diluted on spreadsheets, laptops, random cloud storage, inboxes, freebie notebooks, or worse, in a CRM that is not maintained? The conversation circles back around to CRM Solutions and Email Service Providers, only this time the right solutions.

Well implemented business software is the key to successful growth in 2022 as we move closer towards the post-pandemic period.

How does this relate to tracking? ‘Tracking’ conjures up the image of Three-Letter-Agencies in a basement or Mark ‘Zucking’ all of your company’s data.

We are referring to something a little simpler, less invasive, and certainly more useful; we call it ‘Activities’.

New Build Sales Agents send a lot of emails, make a lot of calls, and complete a lot of tasks. New Build Marketers send a lot of campaigns, build a lot of web pages, and consistently seek to improve ROI. How does this look day-to-day? It simply means that you get a chronological record of your team and business’ relationship with your customer or prospect – Activities. It means that one hand can always talk to the other.

In pdCRM, you can create and manage a single source of truth for your customers and prospects. Maintain a clear archive of all sales and marketing emails, keep a note of all vital website visits, monitor sales progression and ensure that no matter where your team is working from, the right people have the right access to the right data.

We’ve developed CRM and marketing automation software with the New Build industry in mind. We connect with all the key property portals, including Zoopla, Rightmove, OnTheMarket, ShareToBuy and your website.