The Site Map

Completely unique to pdCRM, the Site Map is powerful and useful tool for all sales staff to view and manage the sale of your developments. It’s your site map, plotted, and it gives a complete overview of the sales position on the development

Lead Demographic Map View

pdCRM’s Lead Demographic Map View allows you to filter contacts and see where those filtered contacts are geographically located on the map. Switch effortlessly between table view and map view

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Leads + contacts

Get leads automatically + instantly

Automatically syndicate your leads from the portals, your website and any development microsites into pdCRM instantly. Follow up with prospective buyers while they are hot.

Lead tracking

Track lead sales journeys prior to registration. Track interest geographically and nationally via postcode

Simple lead entry

Easily connect in lead registration forms. Automate responses to lead registration. Automate distribution of leads to your team

Connect web + portals

Integrate with Zoopla, Rightmove, and other property portals. Connect your socials including Twitter and Facebook

Integrate with Yourkeys

Connect pdCRM with Yourkeys to sync + manage marketing, leads, reservations and sales progression

Assets + records

Leads, Plots + Sales together and in-sync

Add new leads easily and quickly. Assign your leads to plots or developments for pitch-perfect marketing. Relate leads, plots and their kin to ensure streamlined communication between leads and their partners. Filter and search through your leads

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Sales Progression

Visual Sales Progression

Instant Overview

Understand the state of business with a single glance, address bottlenecks and progress sales quicker

Size + Colour

In pdCRM, size matters. With Visual Sales Development, every plot's size is relative to the value

1-click away

Hover over for a quick overview or with a single click you can get every detail about your opportunity

Multi Development

Support your entire team from one system with multiple developments. Keep your sites separate but your team together

email text

Built-in email + SMS campaigns

Integrated Email and SMS tools for both Marketing and Sales. Segment your audience quickly and easily. Create powerful drip-feed nurture campaigns. No need for separate and disconnected CRM and Email systems

Create, Send, + Review

Design and send Direct Email, Rich-HTML Email and  SMS Text Messages via the Campaign Wizard. Import a design from your creative agency or build your own with a simplified drag & drop design tool. Review Campaign success via the Send Insights

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Safe + secure migration. Training as standard. Support always on-hand

Experienced Migration Team

pdCRM's expert migration team has experience swiftly and safely migrating data and teams from legacy CRM systems

Online Knowledge Base

Find almost all your answers on our self-serve knowledgebase. Clear and concise Articles, Videos and Tutorials will guide you through almost all your queries

Talk to Support

Our expert Support and Customer Success team are on-hand Monday-Saturday from 9am until 5pm to assist you with any questions or issues

Customer Success

Every client has a dedicated Customer Success Manager who will be your point of contact arrange all training with your team to ensure everyone is set up and confident

GDPR Compliance + Security

Data compliant & confident

Baked-in GDPR Compliance

Ensure GDPR compliance with pdCRM's built-in tools. Maintain a single source of truth and up-to-date record of your customer data

Secure + Encrypted

pdCRM uses the highest standard security to keep your data as secure as possible, with Two Factor Authentication (2FA) as standard

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